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Concrete Resurfacing

What is a concrete overlay?

A concrete overlay is a thin cement-based topping material that is applied over existing concrete in order to achieve a newly resurfaced coating to transform ugly, plain and/or worn concrete into a decorative, durable, and textured work of art.


Stamped Concrete Overlay


Stamp Concrete – Tile effect

Stamped concrete overlay is a cost-effective way to create a stamped concrete appearance at a fraction of the cost to remove the concrete and pour and stamp new concrete.

Natural stone or brick effects and textures are achieved by utilizing rubber imprinting tool stamps, which are manufactured from molds created from authentic stone or wood, to impress into thin pre-mixed concrete overlay material. In order to prevent the stamps from sticking to the concrete, release chemical agents, which come in either a powder or liquid form, are then utilized to help separate the stamps from the concrete.



Knock-down Texture Coating


Knock-down texture

Knockdown texture coating is a thin cement-based coating that is either sprayed with a hopper gun or applied manually using a trowel over existing concrete. The knock-down texture finish provides a slip-resistant surface that is ideal for pool decks, driveways, walkways, and porches for both residential and commercial projects. The knock-down texture resembles the knock-down finish that most homes have on their walls and is applied in the same fashion.



Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Floor

Garage Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coatings are one of the most economical, aesthetic and ideal ways to enhance the appearance of garage floors. They provide the concrete with a surface that is more resistant to oil, grease, acids, water and chemicals, and solvents and increase the resiliency to stains, tire marks, as well as hide small imperfections.

Epoxy coatings are available in variety of color selections and can be accented with multi-colored paint chips to provide an appearance similar to terrazzo or granite.

Epoxy Paint Chip Color Chart


Stained Concrete

Coldwell Banker, Whittier, Ca – Stained floor

Stained concrete, or as some people call it – colored concrete — is a very popular method for transforming concrete in both interior and exterior locations, such as salons, offices, living rooms, kitchens, pool decks, restaurants, patios, etc. People are attracted to stained concrete due to the unique outcome that can be achieved as a result of combining colors, application methods, and so on. The outcome is limited only by the creativity and imagination of those involved in the project.

The process involves utilizing acid-based chemical stains that enables us to achieve vibrant, earth-toned color tones that resemble natural stone, marble, wood, or even leather and gives the concrete an entirely customized appearance.


Stamped/New Concrete

We also remove, re-pour and stamp concrete in a variety of patterns and colors.


For those of you that do not like overlays or new concrete, we can also install pavers.

Walkway – Pavers



Our installers are also trained to work with tile.

Walkway | Tile

Walkway | Tile

Tile 3

Walkway | Tile




Overlay Patterns

We offer a varied pattern selection that can resemble the appearance of pavers, tile, flagstone, slate, stone, and — depending on the condition of your existing concrete — we can also customize the pattern for you.





Our color selection includes different tones of grey, charcoal, black, brown, orange and more. Ultimately, we can work closely with you to customize a color to meet your needs.


We can transform and beautify your:

Pool deck, driveway, patio, walkways, balcony, garage floor, and even vertical surfaces.

Office, salon, industrial warehouse, medical office, and more.


Typical Project Time Frame

In general, most of our concrete resurfacing projects take approximately 4-6 days to complete depending on the weather conditions, indoor or outdoor project, the condition of the existing concrete, size of the project, as well as the complexity of your project.


The Installation Process

Due to the fact that we offer an array of products and finishes, the installation process varies. Our professional and expert estimators will provide you with a detailed overview of the installation process when they visit you to provide you with your no-obligation design consultation.